Monday, July 31, 2006

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Badlip - Joskin.

I stumbled across this guy on a messageboard and was blown away by the music. Using a 'romantic setup, dr.sample 202 & 303, tape 4-tracker, reel-to-reel player', Badlip produces sample sketches that are either meticulously planned out or brilliantly improvised. The song is a punchy remix of a blud 'n' gutz tune, full of 8-bit stabs and slices of vocals from doseone and why?.
Much more is available here. Get on it.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Serge Gainsbourg - Ah! Melody

From 'the celebrated French pervert's' 'histoire de melody nelson' A bizzare concept album that see it's hero's car intentionally crashing into a young girls motorbike and the romance that ensues. What a plan! I'll have to try that.

Later this year a whole host of peoples will be performing the entire album and 'L’Enfant Assassin Des Mouches' at the barbican.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

sole & doseone - A.D.D

From the now r@re Anticon Giga Single, released in 2001 after their first flurry of releases. It was a low priced compilation cd, showcasing forthcoming music and was packed with exclusive material. This song is one of many highlights.
'Making records is like raising kids' and sole and dose sound like desperate fathers who can't quite control what they've created. Alexander Kort (Subtle) brings an electro cello spine to a bare boned beat. The vocals are solo, stretched out and solemn until a chorus is approached and the rappers join together to tongue twist their way through to the conclusion that 'just because we're cool, doesn't mean that you can trust the white man'

Food for Animals - Brand new

I saw these peoples play at Rothko (which I've just discovered is now closed, which is bit shit) a few years back. Fucked up, chopped up and glitched up hip hop noise with a rapper who sounds ace, but doesn't have the best of lyrics, though this song does contain the classic 'my style of art's crazy wild like a Garfunkel hairstyle, beeyatch'

Ardisson - Out e.p

Want some fucking acid? Then come and get it. Ardisson has very kindly put up a free e.p of acid oddness on his website. He's put out music on Seed and Sokolov among others and this latest release is keeping up the high standard. Some of it is so super moody, it makes me want to stomp around the house and eat pot noodles boiled up with angry piss. Also check the live December acid mix for some seriously squelchy noises that'll eat your ears off and put you in a right 808 (state)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Re: - Slippage [#]

If this song approched me on the street, I'd probably make idle small talk and feel my brain tense with every slow passing second. Not because it isn't good.. it's great with an extra helping of greatness garnish, seasoned with a hint of spazz. Very nice. No, the reason I'd be keen to leave, would be the knowledge of the album that produced this previously lost song. 'Mnant' scares me a little. I thought my cd player was broken. It's a tightly wound coil of an album, starting off imitating a dying/drying off electrical appliance, springing into half life with a bubble of beats and seriously serious static soul scratches. It's not half as wanky as I describe it, which is obviously a good thing.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

cLOUDDEAD - This about the city

As a stopgap between their self titled debut and 'Ten' , cLOUDDEAD released a 10" of new material. The two new songs were 'This about the city' and 'The sound of a handshake'. In retrospect it does feel like the perfect halfway house between the two albums, retaining the lo-fi rambling of the the earlier material yet approaching the more focused structures of the second lp.
For me, this represents the band at their peak. The cheeky Michael Jackson sample always puts a vimto smile on my face.

Fans of cLOUDDEAD, should also check Greenthink (doseone and why?'s previous odded out hip hop adventure) 'Blindfold' is the bees feet. It's that good. Yes, really.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Bibio - Zoopraxiphone

Anyone for a slice of wonkyness? This sounds like music from The magic roundabout being played in a washing machine by a troupe of pie eyed pixies. Taken from 'Handcranked' on Mush records, this is well worth a trip down almost memory lane.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

a sliver mt. zion - god bless our dead marines

sung and strung out on moments of melancholic hope, 'a silver mt. zion' (and their many variations on the name) have been consistently amazing on their records for fiercely independent, canadian label 'constellation'
With members of godspeed you! black emperor, but far more than just a side project, they started out as neo-classical composers, almost entirely instrumental, but have increasingly embraced the voice to get their point across, expressed at it's peak on this devastatingly beautiful song.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My internet connection keeps on throwing up. The broadband is brassed off and megaupload is laughing at me.

nouvelle vague
- friday night saturday morning

A slice of french loveliness, from their debut album of lush covers on peacefrog. This song, originally by The Specials, sounds like sunday under a blurred sun, when you're a bit wrong but that's alright. It's used to get affect here:

Monday, July 03, 2006

Fridge - Surface noise and electric piano

Kieren 'four tet' Hebdon's post rock band released an album of splintered beauty back in 2001..

'Happiness' This is a song that was only on the Japanese release. Lots more mp3's are: here.

Subtle - Swanmeat

This song has been boshing my ears up good for the last few weeks. Subtle's debut album for Lex 'a new white' was far more focused than the freeform mess the preceding had hinted at. A live band that defies genres, doseone conjures up a storm with his rapping, taking on the music with amazing results. This song is from 'Wishingbone' an album of remixes and rarities, including work for Beck and Ms. John Soda. It also includes a dvd of the award winning videos for the singles by sssr.

Japanther - I IQ

A two piece band from the usa.. sounding like simultaneously angsty and up for a huge fucking party. From 'master of pigeons' the d.i.y approach pays off big time.

(?) -Readabook

read a book, read a book, read a motherfucking book. That's all you need to know.

machine drum - reel cleer

prefuse 73 meets boards of canada and everyone cheers. From 'Now you know' a glitchy beast of an album that's perfect for that part of a bbq party when you realise you've burnt your mouth on something nasty.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Starcleaner

simple and beautiful. My favourite song of theirs. If you haven't already, point your mouse *here* Pretty much everything they've done, available for free download.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

much sun sickness and hot head of hosepipe dreams, so I look back at the songs that used to box me good, tunes that changed my tastes or direction, records that taught me new ways to swear about my mother or learn handy marijuana facts.

cypress hill - insane in the brain

When I first heard this it blew my tiny mind. Wow! He just said the 'fuck' word in a whiny nasal voice! What a hero! I immediately stopped playing super mario and instead set up a surreptitious tape collection of sweary music. (b-real has possibly the most generous artist mp3 collection on the internet and its: here)

kaliphz - hang 'em high

British people rap too? Really? And it's not about tea and biscuits? Holy smokes! The first uk hip hop tune I bought... very dark horrorcore production and confrontational anti - racism lyrics. After their critically acclaimed debut album '7 deadly sins' was a commercial kick in the balls, they went on to box their reputations to a pulp with some shite song featuring lardy jailbird 'prince' naseem hamed.

At this point I'm going to skip my many years of wu-tang clan obsessiveness, they deserve their own special, but in the meantime have
this... wu-tang clan live on xm radio with full band backing. By far the best show I've heard from them. It certainly beats the absolute shower of shambolic half heartedness I saw at Brixton Academy in 1997. Worst gig I've ever been to.

Task Force - One step ahead

I was all bitched out by the time this dropped. The magnificent 'New mic order' lp turned me off most of american hip hop for a good few years. What Task Force were doing felt pure at a time when the rappers of the states were first tasting synthetic success. It's also worth noting that they went on to release 'Music of the great outdoors' which is the best UK hip hop record in the world... ever!!! Sadly no longer available on Vinyl, but I urge you to pick it from Bleep. It can be found: here.

Aphex Twin - Bucephalus Bouncing Ball

This song makes sounds I never knew existed. Off my box in the back of a small car with a big sound system and this tore me to pieces. From the classic 'come to daddy' e.p, it started my love affair with warp and lots of bleepy music that makes me want to pull funny faces.

Otis Redding - A change is gonna come

A bit of a left turn here.. this means alot to me for purely sentimental reasons, but is also apt as a signpost for when my tastes diversified to the point of no return..

- grass skirt and fruit hat / another part of the clowns brain

At which point I 'rediscovered' hip hop in the late 90's with anticon.
The tiny indie record shop of my hometown was blaring out the oddest of noise.. it was doseone's 'slowdeath' a two track cd of low fi noise and poetry readings.The next week they had ordered in the first of anticons' records to reach the uk. These two songs switched my view on what hip hop could be. Themselves' (formerly Them, but changed their name to avoid possible legal action with Van Morrison) self titled debut is a stone cold classic.


That's it. I'm off to bed.

peas and peace to you.