Sunday, January 14, 2007

One downside of downloading obscene amounts of music is that often I'll end up with lots of unlistened mp3s.. The upside is putting the ol' ipod on shuffle, hearing something new and thinking 'wow! what the *fuck* is this?'

I got that feeling on the bus this morning with this mix.. (yep, another mix, gone mix mad, me) put together by Melonhands..

Moody butterfly bass, creaking door atmospherics, unexpected world music blends and a beautiful outing of aphex twin's 'on'

melonhands - i need dub(step)


nettle - halfstep
pinch and p dutty - war dub
pinch - qawwali VIP
tinariwen - amassakoul n tenere
i-wiz - habibi
digital mystikz - ancient memories (skream remix)
caspa - for the kids
distance - taipan
aphex twin - on
black ham - necron
toasty - angel
filastine - dreams from wounded mouth
mutamassik - high alert aala teta
amadou and mariam - toubala kono

cracking song
ace video

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Holy Shit. I just stumbled across Marnie Stern and upon hearing her, it was like taking ecstasy for the first time. I've never been a big fan of guitar shredding but the rush here is relentless...

Her album 'In Advance Of The Broken Arm' will be released on February 20th on Kill Rock Stars.

listen to Grapefruit

(by the by, this is a myspace rip, sounds cool on my speakers, but the quality isn't gonna match the album..)

Friday, January 12, 2007

AGT Rave Cru are fucking hardcore.. you know the score.. etc etc. Twisted dark Planet Mu type wrongness.. listen here

dj snapmouth (of AGT Rave Cru) has put together a mix that will have you losing your jaw if you're not carefull.

sick day mix


godspeed you black emperor - dead flag blues
mira calix - skin with me (andrea parker remix)
milanese - sadako
rustie - response
vex'd - pop pop v.i.p.
british murder boys - anti inferno
beckett & taylor - hand on the plow
a guy called gerald - downstroke
my robot friend - dial zero (modeselektor remix)
burial - versus
a guy called gerald - nasty
funk d'void & phil kieran - black worm
hrdvision - thrash 1
lfo - dj trax
alern8 - frequency
cylob - smash up the pram
aux 88 - my aux mind
anthony rother - luzifer
konrad black - medusa smile (dont look back)
second phase - mentasm (beltram mix)
surgeon - floorshow (part one)
vex'd - angels
secret frequency crew - miami eyes
the consumer - looking for the code
lfo - we are back
lfo - lfo
lfo - freak
mr oizo - latex
modeselektor - kill bill vol 4
audion - kisses
styz - mr roboto
acen - trip to tha moon
altern8 - move ur body
hug - the happy monster
cursor miner - man made man
ardisson - yes
posthuman - beautiful beast



Gay Against You are two peeps from Glasgow, causing a bit of a hot fuss on Last.FM at the minute. They make DJ Scotch Egg style gameboy rock but with much less gabba madness, reminds me a little of the fabulous bestfwends. If these two tracks take your fancy, you can d/l the album here.

Ice Scooter

(If anyone can hook me up with the bestfwends remix of bump, I'll be very grateful)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Todd Rundgren is a mentalist. Today I've been listening to his 1973 album 'A Wizard, a True Star' and marvelling at just how fucking great it sounds. It's almost not of this planet, big songs progged out on effects.. it sounds old yet futuristic too. If you've not already heard him, grab these two songs..

Le Feel Internacionale

Sometimes I don't know what to feel

Monday, January 08, 2007

Michael Forrest - Broken into Tumbolia

This album is mostly abrupt electrics in a similar vein to all your favourites. So far, so Warp.. but Mr. Forrest steps further and lets loose a mentalist convention in a brass band bad dream. It spazzes hard and doesn't stop.

Some video niceness too..

Valentines day is fast approaching and this mix is the perfect accompaniment to a broken heart. Beautifully put together, the track selection speaks for itself.
Hats off to Bobby Corridor.

Melancholy Flowers 2

Alan Watts- Divine Madness
Talk Talk- I Believe In You
Helios- Paper Tiger
Dub Tractor- Faster
Buck 65- Food (inst)
Bob Dylan- Don�t Fall Apart On Me
Stendec- Raine
Marc Almond- Ends In Tears
Manyfingers- Some Shield
Fila Brazilia- Return Of The Red Hot Brethren
Veda Brown- Living A Life Without Love
Eliot Lipp- Real Tragic
Tom Robinson Band- Long Hot Summer
Van Morrison- Warm Love
Sketchie- Suffragist Down
Andre Gurov- Relevation Of Wrath
James and Boby Purify- I�m Your Puppet
Lord Finesse- Yes You May (remix inst)
Lhasa- My Name
Johnny Osbourne- Give A Little Love
Scientist- Give A Little Love Dub
Barry Adamson- Hollywood Sunset
Clem Snide- Find Love
Scritti Politti- Petrococadollar
Billy Childish- The Humility Of Love
Jacob Golden- Dirty Snow
Arab Strap- Phone Me Tonight
Alias & Ehren- Lillian
Esmerine- While She Swallows Bullets and Stones
Hans Appelqvist- Grammofonnummer
Sufjan Stevens- That Dress Looks Nice On You
Savath & Savalas- Two Blues For Marion Brown
Caural- Sipping Snake Blood Wine (Savath & Savalas Mix)
Art Of Noise- Moments In Love
Zane Trow- Thirtithri
Silicon Scally- Toneworks
Brendon Anderegg- They�re Still Here
Jeff Klein- Nobody�s Favourite Girl
Ammoncontact- Barbeque Plate (Telefon Tel Aviv�s Last Supper remix)
John Martyn- Hurt In Your Heart
Bernard Purdie- Summer Melody
George Russell- You Are My Sunshine
Fat Jon- Romantic Misery
Tindersticks- My Oblivion
Aoki Takamasa- Fly Variation
Souad Massi- There�s Worse
2 Tall- Shifting Tides
Mark Eitzel- Anything
Bill Near- Drumin