Monday, February 26, 2007

Sunday, February 25, 2007

A little Announcement

There's been no posts in ages and I apologize. I'm being evicted and things are hectic. Trying to find a room is making me feel fucking shit. No energy or brain ability to write stuff here for now.

Assuming I find myself settled, normal service will resume.


Thursday, February 08, 2007


Jacob Golden
is bloody brilliant. I thought I'd lost his Rough Trade released e.p forever and yesterday it turned up under my bed. His fragile broken voice sounds like a thousand shattered dreams. Share the excitement and listen...

Carry Yourself
As she turns

Point yourself at his myspace for more recent beauty...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Someone is freaked. It might be me, or maybe it's that shadow that just jumped up, stared at the cat, then ran out the room. These Are Powers have got me shook up and scared. Anna Barie (ex Knife Skills), Ted McGraith and Pat Noecker (ex Liars) craft music for funerals of long dead and very pissed off people. As your attorney I advise you buy their e.p.
While you're waiting on the postman, get a taste with these songs..

The South Angel
Hoop Snake

telephone jim jesus - Birds in Chase

When Steve Mason (Beta Band) announced his retirement from music last year, alot of people were hoping that he'd do a Jay-Z and be back soon.. and yep, it's happened, he's dropped King Biscuit Time and returned as Black Affair. His voice is distinctive as ever and the beats and bleeps are set to storm clubs full of people with wonky haircuts. The first single 'Japanese Happening' is currently only available to stream on his myspace or to buy through u.s.a itunes.. in the meantime enjoy these beauties..

You and Me
Will She come

My bus journeys to work are getting better and better.. this is another fine mix that has kept my ears company.. put together by beatpervert and in his words 'for the kids that like gangsta rap and kraut rock'

the king stay the king

spaceman 3 - ecstasy
pink floyd - on the run
boards of canada - beware of the stranger
electro 4 - pause
Dj Shadow - midnight in a beautiful world (exteneded remix)/Project Pat - Raised in the projects (drunk and focused blend)
Trae and Young Joc/Mims - this is why I'm hot (drunk and focused blend)
mean joe green ft. juvenille - down bottom
eat cloud - bow'd brain
Young Jeezy and bun b/squarepusher - over here(drunk and focused blend)
tangerine dream - phaedra
ice cube - my dad was in the KKK, please excuse me you love to hate
can- future days
TI and beanie seigel - 2 glocks nine/ Can- Oh yeah/boom bip-from left to right (drunk and focused blend)
E-40, Juelz santana, ugk/boom bip-white gurls (evaredy loves pancake booty blend)
antithesisters - eddie winslow (remix)
aphex twin - arched maid via rdj
Slim thug, ti, bun b - three kings/neu - hallogallo ( drunk and focused blend)
radiohead - I will (scott matelic remix)
crooked lettaz - caught in the game
godspeed you black emperor - ?
black sabbath - killing yourself to live
suicidal tendencies - institionalized
emynd - hanging on

Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Swiss Trio making fine Electronic music.
Sinner DC are sounding ace to my ears. I've yet to hear more than a few songs, but these three tracks are on the right side of wrongness.

they never stay (mount age lp)
romy schneider (arkle parkle avenue lp)
always rock on the western side (dave apple remix)

They've also got a few wonky mixes up.
Peep the tracklisting..

Various Artists 2006 mix

burial : forgive (hyperdub)
pan sonic : liuos (blast first)
spectrum & silver apples : the edge (space age)
sinner dc : northbeach (ai records)
extrawelt : fernweh (kompass)
the field : over the ice (kompakt)
james figurine : apologies (plug research)
afx : pwsteal.ldpinch.d (rephlex)
remote : teaser (kill the dj)
(t)ékël : smet (initial cuts)
mathew jonson : marionette (wagon repair)
klaxons : gravity's rainbow - van she tech mix (because)
mjuc : noise moving (aiding music)
vitalic : trahison (citizen records)
kinski : schedule for using pillows & beanbags (sub pop)
arpanet : probability densities (rephlex)
cluster : zum wohl (sky records)

Check the website for 2004/2005 mixes.

: D

The internet doesn't just come in English! Oh no, there's a world wide web of language out there that has me scratching my head and hovering my mouse above hyperlinks. So even with my limited grasp of language I was happy to stumble across kwadratuur, a Belguim site that contains all manner of goodness. On there a found a *brand new* múm track, the first I've heard with their new line-up (check the story here)
It's sparse, piano led with male vocals.. in short, different from what you'd expect.. Hear for yourself..

Moon Pull

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Fog and Why? released their Hymie's Basement lp on Lex to little fanfare. It's an ace album and they both have a following, but there was no two man in a van world tour to promote it. That's a shame as I always sure the songs would sound great live .. and now I'm very happy to have this to prove it.. unearthed from the archives, these songs are from an ultra limited Live e.p, recorded when and where? I don't know, but I do know these performances are every bit as good as you could hope for...

America Won/America Too
The Act
All Them Boys
Ghost Dream/The Pump
Ben & Joey
Lightning Bolts And Man Hands/You Die
21st Century Pop Song

Also as another little treat....
21st Century Pop Song (Mount Eerie Remix)