Monday, April 30, 2007

Did you have a great weekend? I had a bloody lovely time at Audio in Brighton, dancing my socks off to splendid dj sets from wrongtom and the bees. Hats off to them.

Now for some electronic niceness...

A mix of unreleased posthuman tracks/b-sides

unnatural selection

1) asha grew wings
2) the lust of dust
3) i saw her on camomile street
4) tenhauser gate
5) pinneal
6) dry riser inlet
7) plague
8) asha fallen

turns out this is a perfect antidote for the back to work blues.

: D

Friday, April 27, 2007

A while back I bought WHITE FLIGHT's album from Range Life Records and was quietly impressed by the offbeat nature of it. Yesterday I checked back on their myspace and found a Remix had been added, so it's prompted me to get the album on again. Have a listen


Pastora Divine

The Condition

Great Gold

The Condition (remix)

You buy the 13 track mp3 album here for $7.49.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Project MKULTRA (also known as MK-ULTRA) was the code name for a CIA Mind-Control research program that began in the 1950s.There is much published evidence that the project involved not only the use of drugs to manipulate persons, but also the use of electronic signals to alter brain functioning.

A good way to get yourself out of bed in the morning... Bowzer's 'The Independents Vol.1' mix.
This is some heavy dubstep wrongness. Check his website for loads more mixes.

download here


01 bowzer - last man standing
02 roommate & no thing (babylon system) - everyday hustle
03 soundbox - fatty boom batty
>> emalkay - bats in the belfry
04 babylon system - fully loaded
05 loetech - shotgun harmonica
06 goldfinger - chainsaw
07 bowzer - sudden death vip
08 skream - chest boxing
09 lurk n' gully feat. dynamix - ballistics
10 juju - punks
11 jack sparrow - the hold
12 benga - evolution
13 mrk1 - the underworld
14 bowzer - robotic panadas
>> the others - hear dis style
15 skream - check it
16 loetech - bedlam
17 loetech - bedlam (lurk n' gully remix)
18 parson feat. smoke - babylon compressed
19 metalboxproducts - breaking up
20 loefah - disko rekah
21 monsta - caveman vip
22 skream - warning (d1 remix)
23 bowzer - disconnect me
24 distance - night vision
25 dz - retrospekt
26 skream - lose control
27 mala - bury the bwoy
28 justin timberlake - my love (ruf remix)
29 bowzer - disconnect me (dz's electro haven mix)
30 toasty - one life
31 two oh one - ghost train
32 grok - voices dub
33 tes la rok - natty dread
34 lurk n' gully feat. cryme - forward

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I got a broken face
I got a
I got a broken face
Uh-hu, uh-hu, uh-hu, uh-hu, ooo
I got a broken face (3x)

There was this boy who had two
Children with his sisters
They were his daughters
They were his favourite lovers

I got no lips, I got no tongue
Whatever I say is only spit
I got no lips, I got no tongue

I got a broken face, uh-hu, uh-hu
I got a broken face

There was this man who snapped his poke
In little pieces
And then they drilled holes
And then they put 'em back in there

I got no lips, I got no tongue
Whatever I say is only spit
I got no lips, I got no tongue

I got a broken face
Uh-hu, uh-hu, uh-hu, uh-hu, ooo
I got a broken face

The little thing who loves my mother
Speaks no English
But if you saw her
You'd say "Hey isn't she lovely"

I got no lips, I got no tongue
Whatever I say is only spit
I got no lips, I got no tongue

Just what the fuck is going on here?

Mong Hang are representing Tokyo very well in the special music olympics. I have no idea what they're singing/screaming/scaring about, so can only judge how mental they are on the oddness of the music...


This is what jumps in my head...
Funk, Thrash, acid laced vocals, post rock having a fight with prog rock.

Where to begin with just how bizarre they are? Try Listening to...

Track 1 (Family e.p)

Track 2 (Family e.p)

Track 6 (Family e.p)

Track 4 (unknown e.p)

Track 8 (unknown e.p)

Found something nice in the back of beyond of my computer. It's Yppah's remix of Lady Sovereign's 'Love me or Hate me'

I like it, you might like it too.

Love me or Hate me (Yppah remix)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Props to Gas.
He's put together an ever explanding collection of mixes for all of us to download. Pretty much everything is covered. A lot of of the mixes come from the very talented peeps over at the Ninja Tune Forum. Get stuck in here and spread the word.

: D

Sunday, April 22, 2007

This could turn out special. Save The Whales have revealed demos of their forthcoming e.p for Range Life Records. It's the usual Post-Rock kinda stuff and it's sounding bloody lovely. Check some of the niceness.


Saturday, April 21, 2007

is the alter ego of Sole. Over the past few years it's been an outlet for his self-produced and self-released music. Often sonically a lot dirtier than his Anticon albums, rougher around the edges, more urgent even. The first mansbestfriend to get a record label release was 'The new human is illegal' on Morr Music. Highly recommended. Intense rapping and spot on production. This time around though, Sole is using the pseudonym to release his first instrumental record 'poly.sci.187' and it's dropping from Anticon 29th May. The preview sounds ace, reminds me of the less polished early days of the label.

Missle Defence
(from poly.sci.187)

(from The New Human is Illegal)

Dream I had on 25th Birthday

(from The New Human is Illegal)

And this is pretty exciting news, announced yesterday, so get in quick:
'If you order the poly.sci.187 CD from you will also recieve a bonus EP of unreleased material. initially, this music was to be the followup LP to live from rome, but after i formed the band with skyrider this music has no home, so i'm giving it away with the first 100 pre-orders. bonus CD includes 7 new songs, 4 with barcelona's twelve, 2 with sample 208 (as seen on current tv), and one with 88 komaflash from germany, this music spans the period from 2005-2007.'

Friday, April 20, 2007

Thank You Azeda Booth. Just a few days after getting back into writing this blog and you send me 'mysterious body' It's a sign, I'm sure of it. 90% of what reaches my inbox ranges from spectacularly bad to nothing spectacular, but not this...

I love it. A lot. Six guys from Calgary, Canada, making music with a male singer who sounds like he's on loan on Múm. Two polar opposite songs with vocals, three Eno-esque instrumentals, all of each is golden.


Landscape (with grass)

Aislinn Bos

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Eight years ago the brilliantly named DJ Mayonnaise released his instrumental lp '55 stories' on Anticon. Since then he's been a bit on the quiet side. His new record 'Still Alive' should make enough of a noise to get our attention again. He's a master of drums so I've got hight hopes for his return.
Anticon release it to the world on 17th July.... Meanwhile check the preview...

Easily Distracted

A few weeks back as Saturday faded, around 04.00am a friend dropped a song that had me bouncing like tigger (the rum helped as well) ... it was the dirtiest bit of dubstep I'd ever heard.
I've tracked it down and listened to it straight and it's just as good.

Bass Clef tears it. His album 'a smile is a curve that straightens most things' is a far more varied affair than most of the genre.. at times more shoegaze electronics than fierce bass.. can't recommend it enough.

Two songs to give you an idea of where he's heading..

'cannot be straightened' This is the song that shook my socks off

'thank you for starting fires' heavy echo dub ambience

The lp is only out on cd, but check 'The Opera' e.p for some of the best bit's on vinyl.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Turn the wonk upto 11!

A fantastic mix of madness from DJ Elephant Power.

Download it here
Check his website for more goodies.