Friday, July 18, 2008

Restiform Bodies strike back after a seven year absence with the brightness turned up to 11.
Their classic self titled album and it's successor 'Sun Hop Flat' were sonic assaults that took influences from all over. As at ease with epic ambient oddness than with 80's electro wigged out rap work outs, their distinct attack on music saw the albums being picked up by Anticon's (now defunct) '6Months' Distribution and later led to all three members (Bomarr, Passage, Telephone Jim Jesus) releasing solo projects for the label.

This track is a first taste of their long anticipated first album for Anticon and it doesn't disappoint. The beat bursts out with a serious bounce that gets progressively more fucked up as the seconds pass. Passage's raps snarl and drawl over the track, he sounds confident with his disgust and the chorus recalls an amateur dramatics lament for consumer culture.

Listen up...

Bobby Trendy Addendum

'T.V Loves You Back' is released 30th September and I can't wait to hear it.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hello Sebastian Tellier!
Hello Boys Noize!

Nice of you to stop by with a tasty remix...

L'amour et la violence (Boys Noize remix)


Monday, July 14, 2008

Pretty special this.
Rainbow Arabia are a duo from Los Angeles who look to the middle east for instrumentation and then go west to break out the dirty synths. Seemingly borrowing from the past, present and future I curse them for the chanting vocals that seem to be screaming NICOTINE into my brain right now. Plus this music reminds me of Hooker pipes.

Fuck. Really.want.a.cigarette.

Omar K

I know I see I love I go

Tiny Tiny Man

The Basta EP is released 25th August on Tiny Man/Manimal Vinyl in the US, whilst abroad Merok (champions of Crystal Castles etc) will take care of business.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yet another Alias teaser!
This time he breaks out his finest singing voice for an epic collision of beauty and the beats.

One of 7 tracks from the 'Resurgam' sessions not to make the lp, rest assured these songs will find a home in the future, so watch this space.



That is obviously not Alias in the above picture but I'm running out of google image options.
Mp3 courtesy of Stereogum. Thanking you nicely.