Thursday, May 31, 2007

When Roots Manuva rhymes 'Hotsteps got me treckin' from Peckham to Box Hill' it always smacks a huge smile on my face. Juggle Tings Proper from his '99 debut 'Brand New Second Hand' was and still is a tough tune. The el-p remix on the 12" turned the skanking groove of the original into a paranoid twitchy robotic shuffle.

Juggle Tings Proper (microchips, madness & hi tech war mix by el-p)


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Go fucking mental. These two songs have boxed me up and shipped me out on many an occasion. Yep, the tragically unsigned Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster are masters of short-sharp-surf-horror-goth-shock-rock. In fact as I far as I know, they're the only peoples who occupy that particular genre. I heard some of their latest demos recently and was blown away. Give them another record deal because the world needs them back.


Morning Has Broken


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Type Holy Fuck into google images... ok, you can expect some pr0n, that's a given, but Nintendo would be shocked at someones reworking of Mario. Anyway enough of that. Another band I'm I'm excited about... Holy Fuck hail from Toronto and make Kraut-Casio rock that sounds like Neu! at times and not at all at others.

Two songs from their recently released e.p (and yes, the second title is all too perfect)

The Pulse

They're going to take my thumbs

A song from their 2005 album..

Casio Bossa Nova

and to round it off some live tracks...

Safari (Live from The Verge- XM Radio)

Choppers (Live from The Verge- XM Radio)

Junglor (Live at Tulipe)

Chicago Radio Rap Band (Live from NWUR Radio)


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I've seen some of the best gigs at London's Union Chapel. The setting is perfect, though supping Strongbow whilst sitting on Pews feels a bit strange.

One of finest performances I saw there was from The Polyphonic Spree, shortly before/after (not sure which) 'The beginning stages of...' was released. It was with their full line up and I remember being shocked when some guy I'd shared a cheeky spliff with in the courtyard turned up on stage. The setting certainly helped it to be one of the most rapturous gigs I've ever attended. The whole crowd was stood up and dancing throughout, the biggest smiles you could imagine showered the room.

Share the occasion..

All from The Union Chapel show...

What We Will Be

Hanging Around

Soldier Girl

Also a David Bowie cover from a BBC session

Five Years


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Odd Nosdam is returning with his new Anticon lp 'Level Live Wires' on 28th August!
Holy Fuck, I'm a bit excited by the news. As one third of cLOUDDEAD he produced one of my all time favourite albums (their eponymous debut) and his 'Burner' lp was a sleeper classic of 2005.

His beats are rarely intricate but the noise that blankets them display a savants attention to texture and detail. Crackles, fuzz, pops and hiss envelop tracks with devestatingly effective results.

The press release describes his new lp as 'the distinct product of inspiration, bizarre happenstance and wonder lived out in a series of bright moments eventually brought together under the roof of an unruffled West Berkeley cottage' and it's true that the two preview songs have the same fuzzy aesthetic appeal as 'Burner' but the mood seems lighter.

I've rambled enough, have a listen....

Fat Hooks

The second preview song 'The Kill Tone Two' (featuring a cameo from Yoni Wolf of Why?) is available to listen to here

Now two treats from Burner...

11th avenue Freakout pt.2(featuring Mike Patton)

Untitled Three(featuring Jessica Bailiff)


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Spacemen 3 are righting out the wrongs at this moment. J Spaceman of Spiritualized sorts me out when he walks with Jesus.
Their album 'Perfect Prescription' is just that.

Walking with Jesus


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The best of songs to listen to when you don't wan't to piss off your neighbours with that 'boom, boom, boom' music... part 1

Boduf Songs (Matthew Sweet to his friends) released his eponymous debut on Kranky back in 2005. It's an album that quietly worms it's way into your head. Deceptively simple, bleak at times, yet rewards repeated listening like all the best albums do.

Claimant Reclaimed (download)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

w0ot! Just found out Dirty Projectors are playing just ten minutes walk from my house next month. I'm a bit excited.

I need to hear more of this band, the singing is too beautiful.
Hear for yourself..

Like fake blood in crisp october


Monday, May 14, 2007

I'll be honest.
Everyone is going mad mental over simian mobile disco.
You are!
I see you dancing in the corner of your room wearing a hat you found in a sixth form art school, face placed somewhere south of the nineteen '70's. Yep. Be very glad your haircut is 100th on the leaderboard of well etc...

So in the warm light light of yesterday, Simians 'watch it glow' was an e.p of warped beauty.
They made music that twisted noises out of nowhere. Psychedelic revolution of stained glass window sound.

These words are nothing.. so enjoy the linkage...

Drop and Roll

In Siam


Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Moscow Coup Attempt are the aceness. The project of Derek Whitacre, he brings music and visuals together to create an uneasy harmony of technology and espionage.

His first album 'the failure of shortwave radio' was inspired by number stations found on the murky SW frequency. Digits are reeled off at random with no emotion, an unknown ladies voice broadcasting throwbacks to the cold war era.

The music itself is pretty dark and smokey. Imagine Cinematic Orchestra playing aboard a nuclear submarine with snipers aimed at them throughout the set.
Have a listen:

Phone Tap

The failure of shortwave radio pt.3

Since then he's recorded two further albums that are also worth investigating.
Today he unveiled a Joanna Newsom cover with Vera Ostrova singing. It's worth pointing out that I've never heard Pixie Newsom so don't know how it compares, but for what it's worth.. I like it alot.

Sprout and the Bean


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ivor Cutler makes me smile, even when there's a bird in my room, hiding behind a wardrobe and I'm trying to get it to fly away by throwing bits of blu-tac at it.

Here's a Health for Simon

Gravity begins at Home


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Another bit of niceness from dj snapmouth (aka posthuman). A mix from early 2006 of Seed Records releases.
It is a bit good.

dj snapmouth - mixed seeds


1) [snyzch] - Snort Porridge (Do Me Mix) (SEED707)
2) The Doubtful Guest - Snoutful (SEED5×5/2)
3) Kansas City Prophets - Detraffec (SEED1208)
4) Black E - Ho Ho Ho (SEED5×5/2)
5) Ardisson - Yes (SEEDEP03)
6) Ardisson - Stop (SEEDEP05)
7) Plaid - Bodyclocker (SEED5×5/1)
8) Milanese - Sadako (SEED5×5/2)
9) Kansas City Prophets - Cams (unreleased)
10) Janos Andersson - Reject (SEED5×5/4)
11) MoQ - Isodiametric (SEEDEX04)


12) On/Off - Kommunion (unreleased)
13) Posthuman - Endings (SEEDCD12)
14) MoQ - Starving Senses (SEEDEX04)
15) On/Off - Item Boron (SEEDCD04)
16) Digitonal - Saint Lucius Waits (unreleased)
17) Sancho - I'm On Your Side (SEEDCD11)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

I first saw Why? play live on his Oaklandazulaylum tour. Unfortunately that night I'd necked so much ecstasy and washed it down with so much cider that I suffered the most supreme of blackouts.
One minute it was the opening song, the next, the closing whoops of applause.
For a long time the only hint of what I'd missed was the tour cd I bought from the merch table.
'Almost live from Anna's Cabin' was a very limited release of the warm up sessions that preceded the tour. A huge evolutionary step of Why? (the man) becoming Why? (the band)

These tracks are listed in order to whore myself out to the hype machine etc

Broken Crow

Cold Lunch

Ape in cage with wire cutters

However I suggest you dive straight in and download the full album here

You gotta love Bjőrk, she's as mad as a swan, as such she should be protected by the Queen,
just imagine the mess if Asylum seekers attempted to eat her. : /

I'm still yet to hear Volta (out this monday) which is shocking considering it leaked it's way though many an internet pipe last month. In any case this post isn't about that album. No. It's to draw your attention to a fantastic 7minutemix (though it's closer to 8) of her music by Strepsil.
Details to follow..

Strepsil - Bjork 7minutemix


army of me (beastie boys remix)
army of me
cover me (dillinja remix)
I miss you (photek remix)
so broken (krust remix)
all is full of love (passionate love mix)
hidden place (acapella)
possibly maybe
all is full of love (strings)
all is full of love

Friday, May 04, 2007

Fuck! Just missed my bus off to wrongness! So with the spare wait until it's next arrival, I'll leave you with a song that will forever remind me of an acid trip gone odd.

This song invoked short sharp feelings of...

stickle bricks

enjoy the fun.. good weekends to you!

neu! - negativland

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Yay! Just discovered another record label with loads of free music to trawl through.
I've listened to a few of the mp3's here

Two very different songs that have caught my attention are...

The Amoeba Men - Shit Tubes

DJ Renaldo - The Fiscal Year Fandago

aceness all round.

: D

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Another release, another pseudonym, this week Aphex Twin released his new e.p 'Confederation Trough' under the name 'The Tuss' (which apparently is Cornish for an erection)

It's bloody good stuff too. The album 'Rushup Edge' is forthcoming on his Rephlex label.

If you haven't got the e.p yet, keep your ears company with two excellent Analord mixes.

Analord Mixtape Side A (120 BPM)

Analord Mixtape Side B (150 BPM)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Way back in '94 Gravediggaz released 'Niggamortis' (the name was changed to 'six feet deep' in the states after Wal-Mart refused to stock it with the original title) It's a classic hip hop album.
Here are two b-sides from the first single 'Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide'

Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide (Portishead Remix)

Freak the Sorceress