Thursday, June 28, 2007

Another New York report... These Are Powers are pretty much the reason I ventured over and they didn't disappoint. The self proclaimed purveyors of Ghost Punk played with unhinged precision. As you might expect from a band that includes an ex Liars man in their numbers the sound is stripped right back to the brutal core.
Nearing the end of their set they let the crowd go wild and shake things up with all manner of percussive instruments. Never have ghosts felt so alive. It was a bit good.

Little sisters of Beijing

Cracks in the Lifeline

They have stuff to buy here. Highly recommended.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

SIDS were one of many highlights of my New York trip. Featuring members of the most excellent Deerhunter, they put on a show that had everyone smiling at their nihilistic rage. The showmanship is at no expense to the music though, so when the singer crashed to the floor bashing his head repeatedly on the cymbal I marvelled that he was keeping perfect time.

The songs sound like a wonked out and very angry Silver Apples. Sharp synth punk that electrifies your ears and pounds at your heart.

They have a 7" to buy on Rob's House Records. Find out how to order it here.
(kudos to the packaging, the best I've seen in ages and if you're scared of vinyl you get a cd bundled in too)

6Ft Tall Wind Up Doll

+/- (Swastika Heart)



Wednesday, June 13, 2007

wo0t! I'm off to New York tomorrow to see These Are Powers and S.I.D.S play at Silent Barn.
Should be a bit good. It got me thinking of my first visit to New York way back in early 2002.
On my last day I wandered down to Ground Zero, there were posters everywhere that exclaimed 'Osama. Ya Mama!', smoke and dust was still billowing from the wreckage and this is the song that burst in at random on my walkman...

Aphex Twin - Come on You Slags!

Intense is not the word.

Stay safe people.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Two of the finest and most fucked up Radiohead songs were hidden away as Pyramid Song b-sides. If you haven't already heard them then you're in for a treat.
I especially love 'Trans-Atlantic Drawl', it's one of their most frenetic moments. Guitars spark and vocals fly until it erupts into aphex ambience. Lovely.

Trans-Atlantic Drawl

The Amazing Sounds of Orgy


Monday, June 11, 2007

Recently over at The Peoples Republic of Soleone , Odd Nosdam posted up an acapella of 'Atheist Jihad', a song he produced for Sole's 'Live from Rome' album. A lot of very talented peeps got straight to work on producing remixes. The source material is pure gold, Sole (and Bleubird) spit out lines such as 'The Dalai Lama's got a gameboy, Christina Ricci got a big forehead, Iraq ain't looking so good, but the motherfucking club is crunk'. It's definitely a big ol' heavy hitter of a song.

Let Down's remix sounds like Odd Nosdam falling through a k-hole with Kevin Shields, the world reverberating beyond control but the noise just about saves them.

It's a lot like an average weekend then.

Ambient Jihad


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Spare Time Machine is a spot on name for the new Pepe Deluxé album. They skillfully turn out a record that sounds like it's been unearthed from a B-Movie psychedelic garage rock past.
The songs appear to have been crafted in an acid soaked dimension and are very enjoyably mental. Have a listen...

Ms. Wilhelmina and Her Hat

The Album is released on Catskills Records on 26th June.


From tomorrow Pepe Deluxé's 2nd album 'Beatitude' will be available as a free download on their website! Not a bad offer, I'll be hearing it for the first time.

: D


Monday, June 04, 2007

It's only Monday, but by Christ, it's fucking on. 'Zilla' is back as King Cannibal and has dropped a mix boiling over with rage, terror, bass and beats. You know how when you stick your earphones in with intent and you become the music as the street and surroundings melt away into insignificance... well this is 37minutes of pure 'FUCK YOU' to the world. A masterclass in misanthropic motivational music, yet it'd be equally at home in a club when you're ripped to the lids on pills, gurning wide eyed words of peace and fucking yeah to all around..

In short it's a schizophrenic listening experience.
you know what to do...

King Cannibal - Intro King Cannibal

Full Tracklisting Here

The mix is representing Gods of War, a new label that's going to be bursting speakers and taking no prisoners. Check their site for word on forthcoming very limited edition (and very collectible) Vinyl releases.


The 'Zilla' remix of The Chap's 'Premier at Last' (as featured here last august) finally gets a Vinyl release. It is astounding. Buy it.