Saturday, December 30, 2006

I was gonna write out and link up a best of 2006 list, then I realised that I know next to nothing so instead I bring you...



A legend of odd-hop/alt-pop... emerging from cLOUDDEAD's shadows to realease 'oaklandazulasylum' An album for people with short attention spans but huge imagination..

'Cold Lunch' is a simple lullaby to the awkward feeling of approaching a party.. . it kicks like a mule as he runs off an inventory of essentials for the night..

'Dream on Coptelyou' is demented. Plain and simple. Doolally. It still makes perfect sense though.. 'simple physics make him go so fast'

'Shirtless, sleepless and' hints at the direction Why? took on 'Elephant Eyelash'. Lot's of beautiful singing but still with unusual lyrics.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No posts in a while, sorry about that. Christmas is coming and things have hectic. I've got a small selection of very fine Christmas songs for you.

Absentee and The Broken Family Band Present Hot Uncles - Chrismas Intentions

Buck 65 - TheNightBeforeXmas

The Knife - Christmas Reindeer


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Yesterday, in an attempt to lift my spirits I downloaded an excellent Christmas Mix by The Bomarr Monk (Restiform Bodies) and there was one band in particular that jumped out of the speakers and grabbed my ears. They are Mi and L'au, a French/Finnish couple making the most beautiful music in 'complete isolation in a small cabin'

They remind me of Low and A Silver Mt. Zion.
That is very good.

: D

Wild Xmas with The Bomarr Monk Vol.2

Mi and L'au - Older

Someone buy me a new brain. The last two weekends have completely wonked me out. At least these fabulously twisted Thom Yorke remixes are sorting me out. A pleasure to see him link up with Surgeon and Various Productions.

This is from The Eraser mail out..

' For anyone who has heard The Eraser, there are some remixes coming.


I got excited. I've been listening through. I mean. There's some freaky shit.

They may start appearing soon. Gradually. Briefly.
Just a taste. And then gone.


First there is Surgeon's Rmx of The Clock.
This was the one that made me think, we got to start getting these out.
I was chuffed he wanted to do it as think he is a MASTER.
He has turned it into something really hard. And disco.
Well what i call disco anyhow.
It made me very proud.

I hope it gets played in a club somewhere.
Not that i get out much nowadays.

Peace to us all during the festive season.


Analyse (various remix)

The Clock (surgeon remix)

Friday, December 01, 2006

A Friday Four Tet treat for you. Seven tracks performed live at Melbourne Spanish club.

A Joy
Sun, drums and soil
Spirit fingers
Everything is Alright
Turtle Turtle Up
Smile around the face

Thursday, November 30, 2006

I've been on a bit of a noise binge over the last few days, so this Digitonal remix of On/Off's 'One Day' has been something of a treat. All the bloops are in the right places and it rolls with the most beautiful of synth sounds and vocoder niceness.

(On/Off is an alias of the fabulous Posthuman.. you can buy his music from Bleep. Visit his home, Seed records too)

One Day (Digitonal remix)

Mas Y Mas specialise in NOISY *fuzzzy* guitars, chopped up with lo-fi fuckness and obtuse attitude. They describe themselves as 'total douchebags' and name their influences as 'other douchebags'. The song below is super fun and their Myspace has some more. If you fancy it, their new e.p 'Latin Outreach' out now on Shut up! I love You Records

This is the strangest mix I've heard in a while, don't expect an easy listen. It's NOISY and quite often unsettling. Packed full of doom mongers and clicky electrics, to be honest I only recognize abut half the artists, but that's always a good sign.

Heart Attack Mix by Konx-om-Pax

1. The Four Plugs - Biking Girl
2. Shellac - Prayer to God
3. Hecker - y-gwaot phase inv2
4. Earth - Divine And Bright
5. BBBlood - Chick Sick
6. Park Attack - If Music is the Food of Love, I Think I Just Threw Up
7. John Cage - Duo for Two Pianos
8. Tiger Piss - Pleasurecrowd
9. Shitdisco - Reactor Party (Konx-om-Pax Really Fucked Up Remix)
10. Ryoji Ikeda - Data.Syntax
11. Rupert Murder - Cockadoodledoo Fuckin Stupid Remix
12. Merzbow - Rice 2
13. Satanstornade - Unlock The Mysteries Of The Sun
14. Bernard Parmegiani - Etude Elastique
15. Autechre & The Hafler Trio - h3ae
16. White Noise - Movement 3
17. Earth - Rule The Divine (Mysteria Caelestis Mugivi) (Remixed By Sunn O))))
18. The Mono - Bahnhof
19. Agent Orange - Your Mother Sucks Cocks in Hell
20. Heart Attack - Shotgun

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Congratulations are due to Jonny Greenwood.

Radiohead's supreme guitar spastic is enjoying great success branching out into the more refined world of Port and Smoking Jackets.

For just over the past two years he's been the BBC Concert Orchestra's Composer in Residence and last week his composition 'Popcorn Superhet Reciever' was voted The Orchestral Commission of the year by Listeners of BBC Radio 3. (Full story here)

I've only had the chance to listen once (in a room with people watching Hollyoaks) and the impression I got was that this work requires a dark space, headphones and possibly some spliffage. Inspired by White Noise and trips in the car taken as a kid, when he would zone out to the sound of the engine.. Get ready for a journey...

Popcorn Superhet Reciever

God Bless Vaatican Records.

There's some awesome music lurking on their site and it's all *free*

Sampler n°1 is a good place to start. 15 tracks of assorted electronics and oddness. Some of it is hit and miss, but there's surely something there for everyone.

Jumping out at me are The Collapsible Mammals. Cracking 7 track e.p.

Get a taste with...

Language Funeral Procession

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I got back from Shanghai in one piece! Currently awaiting confirmation that I've retained both Kidneys, though the fresh scar across my belly is a bit of a worry.

Very nice to arrive back to an inbox of musical goodness. I'll be sharing what I can over the next few days. For now I can offer something a bit special for fans of The Mighty Boosh...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


No new posts for a little while, because I'm in China.

Back in about a week.

Much Love.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bed in a minute, but before that happens I really want to share this with you.

Thom Yorke's 'The Eraser' is one of my favourite albums of this year and anything else that emerges from those sessions is gonna be good.
'Iluvya' (one of two B-sides for Analyse) doesn't dissapoint. Buy the single 12" single here.

I'm also loving the solcofn remix of Radiohead's We suck young blood, which I found at The Music Slut


We suck young blood (solcofn remix)


Monday, November 06, 2006

As you can probably guess from previous posts, I'm a huge fan of Anticon and these two songs show very different sides to what they do. 'We ain't fessin' (double quotes) is an epic reworking of an older song. Pretty much all of Anticon turn up to rap, sing and produce. There's so much going on and so many twists, that it's difficult to take it all in on the first few listens.
'More from June' is a Deep Puddle Dynamics song that never made their album, although that's in no way an indication of it's quality. John Herndon (Tortoise) co-produces and the drums clatter and stutter in perfect synergy with absolutely manic rapping. Eyedea's guest spot will knock your socks off.

We ain't fessin' (double quotes)

More from June

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Caustic Window


Aphex Twin, a man of many names.. biff baff, kite chuff,
Cliff Richard's remorse bag.*

I for one am happy about his many pyseudonyms, there's nothing better than saying
'Yes, but have you heard his analogue guise surprise mega mix? Limited to just 50 pieces of sandpaper, sold in selected B & Q stores in the late '70's.'

'The late 70's?'

'Of course! he's so great, he's built a fucking time machine! And you call yourself a fan? Go and lick some windows ya weakling child. Look mate, if you haven't got the Caustic Window compilation album go and buy it now.'

*may not be true


the ballad of the broken birdie records (ruxpin remix I)

'Yesterday was dramatic, today is OK' is probably my favourite of Icelands premier sexy-twin-glitch-melodica-folk band (I think I just invented another micro-genre) and it's remix album is beautiful too. This interpretation sounds like a 1000 kid in need of Ritalin. Chomp it up.


They were recently recording in a friends studio and he says they were the quietest band they've ever had there.

awwwww, bless.

A smokey room with a pile of records stacked high, cigar burning on the corner and this on the stereo...

Broadway Project

No Pain
Who's to Blame

Sample based music never had so much soul, taken from the album 'Compassion' these tear hearts apart. Check here for untold amount of unreleased music and live action.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Oh my Christ. How is it Friday already? Almost time to spazz your womps on another lost weekend.. These songs are some of what got me this far...

First off, A song from the 'Oscar Brown' e.p by Baxter Dury, son of Ian, beyond heartbreaking, perfect for a walk home from a disastrous day.

Oscar Brown

Next up, loveliness from The Kills that is so different from their usual style. It's beautiful and stuff, y'know.

Gypsy death & you

Finally, two songs from The Hidden Cameras first e.p.

Ban Marriage
We Oh We

Good weekend to you all.

: D

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Live at BBC Electric Proms

Glastonbury 2000... off my box on shrooms, taking shelter at The Glades... Squarepusher was on stage screaming 'COME ON YOU FUCKING BUNCH OF CUNTS!!!' I ran away and watched TV in the fireplace instead.
Judging by his set for BBC Electric Proms he seems to have calmed down a bit, but the music here is no less fierce. Forty minutes of Beats and Bass Wanking©. If you haven't already bought it, you can listen to his new album 'Hello Everything' (and the digital singles that preceded it) on his website. There's also a very wordy interview here, though it's a shame no-one asked about his sudden passion for red shirts.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

clark is currently doing much damage with his most recent release for Warp, 'Body Riddle'... Check here for the pre-release goodness he offered. Also below is my favourite song from his 'Throttle Furniture' e.p

Frau Wav (Brief Fling)

A track that works backwards, hitting hard then winding down.
Good stuff.

He's performing at London Luminaire, 7th December.... Get your
tickets here.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Steeple Remove

I'm really excited about this band, the two songs I've heard have been a blast of fresh electric air. Like their fellow countryman M83, they effortlessly fuse waves of ocean crisp effects with full on fucking freakouts. Knowing that they describe themeslves as 'psychadelic ambient rock' is a good start... listening to the songs is even better...
Radio Silence
Love Machine

Their album 'Radio Silence' is out now on 3rd side records.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

You might like to know that Gruff Rhys of The Super Furry animals has put two songs from his new album 'Candylion' on his myspace. It's sounding bloody good too.

Monday, October 23, 2006

All apologies.. no posts in ages, I've been drinking too much and got back from Miami yesterday. Already I can feel a cold coming, so this'll be brief...

Mr. Loco - Real Religious Man
The theme tune from Nacho Libre, It's managed to put a huge smile on my face today.

I'll be back soon.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Before I go out and do myself a mischief, I'll leave you with this.. 'God's bathroom Floor'. Quite possibly my favourite ever Atmosphere song. Released as a bonus on the 'Overcast'e.p, this four-track ode to that Sunday 05:00am feeling is a bruised junkie lament that pulls at your drug end with carefully crafted vocals and the most bittersweet of lyrics.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Head like a Kite
- Tell Mommy you want a sip of her Beer

A one man band of Super 8 inspiration. David Einmo sampled his parents home movies from the 70's and melded them with guitars, melotrons, analogue effects and other general goodness.
Taken from 'Random portraits of the Home movie', this song is at once a bright summer walk and spooky ghost train ride home.
His website is a pleasure too.. you can watch some of the footage that inspired the album.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Alias & Tarsier - Ligaya (odd nosdam remix)
Cigarette (version 2)

To be honest I'm not too keen on the Brookland/Oaklyn album but I'm a sucker for an Odd Nosdam remix. These two songs are swiped from the pre-order bonus 7" and should make you smile like a drunken sailor on shore leave.

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
- when you were mine

A typically lo-fi cover of the prince song. There's something about the unpolished nature of the cftpa sound that really makes it shine, often evoking the spirit of Magnetic Fields. If you're keen have a slice of 'missoula' from the so cool it hurts 'sneakmove: minicomp'. Also featured are Baby Dayliner, whose 'Snort your drugs' is one of many highlights of the insanely good collection.

This looks interesting.. 'Write off the World', a London exhibtion of Artwork by Sarah Coleman inspired by the lyrics of
Sage Francis. She writes 'The impact of Sage's words on my listening and way of thinking can't be expresssed in a couple of lines on a web page. So here we go anyway. I adore good examples of muscular (ab)use of the English language, and Sage's work is heavily pregnant with them. I thought I knew what a clever metaphor could do till I listened to a little-known rapper's first album a few years back. I knew the exquisite pain of a neck-snapping hip hop tune (play the opening bars of 'Mama Said Knock You Out' to yourself at this point) but always preferred to listen past the words. A lot deserve listening past anyway (DON'T play opening bars of anything by 50 c*nt to yourself at this point, for God's sake) but this wordsmithery was arresting, involved, and so ... naked.'

Check the link for more details and email for an invite to the private viewing, if you're lucky you'll be treated to a spoken word performance from Mr. Francis.

If you're wondering what all the fuss is about, have a listen to 'Narcissist' from 'Still sick.. of waging war' Dope lyrics from the start to the end.
He's also just leaked 'Ode to 2005' from his forthcoming album 'Human the Death Dance' due out next Spring. Check the Strange Famous site for loads more mp3's and albums to buy. Have a listen to Joey Beats whilst you're there.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Holy motherfussing Mary and Jesus! The Pope just called me a cunk for not updating in what feels like forever.. I have my excuses, wrapped up and ready in dog-chewed lost homework.. misplaced mp3's down back of sofa and eyes walked out on me etc..

So now detention is over and for your delectation, I bring with me some goodness and a warm hello to your ears...

First off.. (all assuming that's where it should begin...)

Subtle - Midas Gutz

Their new album 'For Hero:For Fool' is amazing. Simple as that. As a better man once said, 'they're rewriting music' The lp is so full of ideas that it might just implode in a mushroom cloud of much goodness. This song is the most hip-hop of the lot and bodes well for the third themselves record. Up to now I thought I'd heard the full range of doseone's voices (and that's a lot) but I was immediately drawn in by the lazy drawl of the first and last last verse. Album of the year? I think so.

Poni Hoax - LA Murder Motel (Letom Redrum remix by Principles of Geometry)

Five odd minutes of electric sleaze that creeps up with nonchalant ease, then strangles out a messy mangled conclusion.. There's a full zip of the single package here..

Thursday, September 07, 2006

How longs it been? Far too long... I survived Brooklyn with only minor scratches and only took part in two Drive-By shootings.. A huge hug to all I met.

I bought some fine records from Mondo Kim's and I'm going to be helping them make the journey from Vinyl to MP3 as soon as I've got some time back. In the meantime, here's one I made earlier...

Times New Viking - Love
Shouty girl/boy guitar song that sounds like it was recorded in a shoebox by an angry sparrow.. High praise indeed. It's so damn fucking cool, it makes me want to buy a pair of sunglasses and chain smoke cigarettes. You can be their friend and hear more songs here.

The Lovely people at Seed Records have put together a free compilation of the finest electronic music in support of Soviet, which should be the fiercest night out for quite some time.
Music this good speaks for itself and says things like 'Would you like another chewing gum?' and 'I'll get the water'. Perfectly suited to both headphone and dancefloor, catch it before it's gone.. Bleep will be hosting the goodness until the end of October.

Gudrun Gut - Move Me

Shuffle tinged tango dubby music with breathy vocals. I love it. Released on Earsugar on a lovely bit of vinyl. Turn it up and it'll shake your house down.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

First off.. all apologies for the slapdash nature of this entry.. I've gotta go to bed inaminute cos I'm off to NEW YORK FUCKIN' CITY tomorrow. Oh yesh. First time staying in Brooklyn and I'm a bit excited...

These songs will wrong my ears up on the plane ride....
surgeon - Live at glade festival 2006
themselves - the live trap (performed live for john peel)
the crane - get married
daddy kev ft. doseone & sole - drinking cup

okay.. I'll flesh this out somewhat when I get back, but for for now.. good weekends to you all.

: D

Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's morning and my head is made of paper.
Would you like some super fine mixes? Then point your mouse here. I like Grooom Disques quite a lot. Hope you do too..

What I'm most excited about at the moment though is the forthcoming Subtle album 'for hero:for fool' due out 2nd October. They recently signed to EMI, so hopefully this will be a huge success for them... 'The Mercury Craze' (the lp's first single) is twisted pop at it's best. You can also check out the more drug friendly remix here.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Aceyalone - All Balls

He's more than a bit good.

Such an effing ace rapper.. every word is enunciated perfectly and he mixes up his flows so effortlessly.

I'd like to hear him make an lp with Jel.. I think the synchronicity between mc and producer would turn out to be beyond compare.

'All Balls Don't Bounce' is ace cakes.. well, you'd expect nothing less from someone who was in the seminal hip hop group 'Freestyle Fellowship', who are often name checked by Anticon as a big influence.

Gang of Four - At home he's a tourist

Ahhh.. This song is perfect listening for a head full of flu and voice made of ventolin. You know you should already be listening to this.. It could be that 'entertainment!' is lost amongst your dodgy tapes of the best of ace of bass.. grab this and grind your eyes to lyrics that make more sense than ever.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

DJ GYNGYVYTUS - Skeet Spirit: A Crunk Tribute to Radiohead

Fitter, Hyphier, Talk show Hoes.. it scores points for song titles alone and the music is pretty good too. Eight tracks of crunked out instrumental Radiohead covers. I'm waiting for Thom Yorke to do a sneaky and release versions with him singing.. someone hook that up please, I'll give you lots of Crunk Juice if you do.

Continuing the Radiohead theme will be 'Would you buy a war from this man?'.. an absolute cracking reworking of 'The Gloaming' by Dj Shadow.. perhaps the last decent thing he's done? Also 'Let down' as covered by Toots and the Maytals for 'Radiodread' An album of reggae covers of 'Ok Computer'. Like 'Dub side of the Moon' but with even more red (lazy) eye.

I've been seriously off the boil. \Head full of cheap fun, sick calls and intermittent internet connection... So there's gonna be a bumpy ride tonight.

First off, I'm gutted not to be at the Wrong Music rave up at The Volks in Brighton, so to console myself I'm listening to
Ceephax Acid Crew - live on Resonance fm
Absurdist acid action from Tom Jenkinson (squarepusher's brother) There's loads more bloopy bits here and I suggest you treat yourself and buy this.. Absolute mastery of the snare rush..

It's only apt to have a wrong Harris looking at you whilst you download this little monster...

Shitmat - RolfMP3mashupmegamix

A mish mash of Rolf Harris bootlegs as mad as a koala's pouch on a monkeys head. The full length versions by various mentalists is detailed here.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Animal Collective - Chocolate girl

Dublab are doing something special. In the loop: 4 is full of niceness, check the tracklisting and buy it with your crack money. Come on.. one night off the pipe is worth six songs and you'll feel better in the morning.

The tune that surprises me most is this little (but actually quite long) beauty.
What's this? Animal Collective sounding like Mercury Rev?
Uh huh.
Immediatly stikes up memories of 'Boys peel out' from 'Boces'
Bloody lovely.