Thursday, August 24, 2006

First off.. all apologies for the slapdash nature of this entry.. I've gotta go to bed inaminute cos I'm off to NEW YORK FUCKIN' CITY tomorrow. Oh yesh. First time staying in Brooklyn and I'm a bit excited...

These songs will wrong my ears up on the plane ride....
surgeon - Live at glade festival 2006
themselves - the live trap (performed live for john peel)
the crane - get married
daddy kev ft. doseone & sole - drinking cup

okay.. I'll flesh this out somewhat when I get back, but for for now.. good weekends to you all.

: D

Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's morning and my head is made of paper.
Would you like some super fine mixes? Then point your mouse here. I like Grooom Disques quite a lot. Hope you do too..

What I'm most excited about at the moment though is the forthcoming Subtle album 'for hero:for fool' due out 2nd October. They recently signed to EMI, so hopefully this will be a huge success for them... 'The Mercury Craze' (the lp's first single) is twisted pop at it's best. You can also check out the more drug friendly remix here.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Aceyalone - All Balls

He's more than a bit good.

Such an effing ace rapper.. every word is enunciated perfectly and he mixes up his flows so effortlessly.

I'd like to hear him make an lp with Jel.. I think the synchronicity between mc and producer would turn out to be beyond compare.

'All Balls Don't Bounce' is ace cakes.. well, you'd expect nothing less from someone who was in the seminal hip hop group 'Freestyle Fellowship', who are often name checked by Anticon as a big influence.

Gang of Four - At home he's a tourist

Ahhh.. This song is perfect listening for a head full of flu and voice made of ventolin. You know you should already be listening to this.. It could be that 'entertainment!' is lost amongst your dodgy tapes of the best of ace of bass.. grab this and grind your eyes to lyrics that make more sense than ever.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

DJ GYNGYVYTUS - Skeet Spirit: A Crunk Tribute to Radiohead

Fitter, Hyphier, Talk show Hoes.. it scores points for song titles alone and the music is pretty good too. Eight tracks of crunked out instrumental Radiohead covers. I'm waiting for Thom Yorke to do a sneaky and release versions with him singing.. someone hook that up please, I'll give you lots of Crunk Juice if you do.

Continuing the Radiohead theme will be 'Would you buy a war from this man?'.. an absolute cracking reworking of 'The Gloaming' by Dj Shadow.. perhaps the last decent thing he's done? Also 'Let down' as covered by Toots and the Maytals for 'Radiodread' An album of reggae covers of 'Ok Computer'. Like 'Dub side of the Moon' but with even more red (lazy) eye.

I've been seriously off the boil. \Head full of cheap fun, sick calls and intermittent internet connection... So there's gonna be a bumpy ride tonight.

First off, I'm gutted not to be at the Wrong Music rave up at The Volks in Brighton, so to console myself I'm listening to
Ceephax Acid Crew - live on Resonance fm
Absurdist acid action from Tom Jenkinson (squarepusher's brother) There's loads more bloopy bits here and I suggest you treat yourself and buy this.. Absolute mastery of the snare rush..

It's only apt to have a wrong Harris looking at you whilst you download this little monster...

Shitmat - RolfMP3mashupmegamix

A mish mash of Rolf Harris bootlegs as mad as a koala's pouch on a monkeys head. The full length versions by various mentalists is detailed here.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Animal Collective - Chocolate girl

Dublab are doing something special. In the loop: 4 is full of niceness, check the tracklisting and buy it with your crack money. Come on.. one night off the pipe is worth six songs and you'll feel better in the morning.

The tune that surprises me most is this little (but actually quite long) beauty.
What's this? Animal Collective sounding like Mercury Rev?
Uh huh.
Immediatly stikes up memories of 'Boys peel out' from 'Boces'
Bloody lovely.

Egil - Your fine cord

He's from Iceland, he whistles and I once met his Uncle! Hell yes. I shit you not. His Uncle. Touched by the stars, I am.
But yep... this is a fussing ace tune from an overlooked talent..
Beautiful singing and bass drum action that will have you kicking a table or throwing shapes on the bus.

5 mic cluster - Broken Man

Don't know much about these peoples. I picked up the album 'crystal Mic' because it has a nice cover and when I had a shifty listen it was full of dance juice. It's like rescuing a rabbit from a railway line, a bit risky but you'll feel better by the end of it. Electric bits bash away whilst some guy kind of sings the refrain 'She don't need me any more more, she don't want me anymore'

It's released on Output Recordings and reminds me of 'warm leatherette' and that is a very good thing.

King Biscuit Time - Fatheriver

Steve Mason's now retired from music. I hope he's having a nice time and remembering to shave before drinking his seventh Strongbow of the day. Released at the height of The Beta Band's success, 'Sings Nelly Foggit's Blues in Me and The Pharaohs' is a fine e.p. Fatheriver threatens to drum 'n' bass in your face but Mason's melodic half singing keeps it all in check.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mike Paradinas, Shitmat & DJ Scotch-Egg - Keep it Peel (Peel Session)

Very quickly before I go out and wrong myself up.. Have this little beauty.. Ten minutes of breakcore to get you off your box.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Chap - The premier at last (ZILLA's We Sow Sunflower Seeds Remix)

The Chap's 'Ham' is a wonky album of many lovely moments, so this remix is very welcome. I'd give it spare keys to my house and a party popper entrance. I like it a lot.

Zilla (along with Buddy Peace) produced the frankly fucking awesome mix that accompanied warp vision. His reworking of 'The premier at last' is better than that. Blasting with a My Bloody Valentine wall of discordant sound, he brings maximum wrongness to the originally minimalist song. You might also want to check his 'Killer Killer RD' and dance like your bad uncle on bad drugs.

such big eyes, yet absolutely no vision.