Thursday, June 29, 2006

Today is my only day off this week and my house has been invaded by a kiwi. I'd love to do some washing but I'm scared of the downstairs..

So instead I'm gonna share some of my favourite tunes *ahem* that I played at the last softly, softly, catchy monkey

Venetian Snares - Einstein Rosen Bridge

from his 'chocolate wheelchair' album.. a rather insistent beat jabs at you until your all over the shop and mumbling along to the vocal samples.. Nowhere near as harsh as he can be.. I reckon even my nan would like this one.

Ivor Cutler - Size 9 1/2

What a legend. I was first introduced to Mr Cutler (r.i.p) last Christmas Eve, by my friend Dan, whilst we were wide eyeing our through a particulary high dose of acid.. The song we listened to on that strangest of days was 'Bicarbonate of chicken'... I have never laughed so much at a record, half attributing the hilarity to the state my acid soaked sponge brain.. We must've played it a million times.. and each time it lasted forever.. I was a bit shocked when I listened a few days later and realised it's under a minute long..

Passage - free luv from leftfield

From the astounding 'The Forcefield Kids' lp.. one of anticon's best releases.. the song is pure head fuck anger.. Lyrics that are surprisingly direct for Passage:
'keep me from my girlfriend, I stab you and your boyfriend'
'Lonely housewives, breeding baby killers in the wombs they detest'
Starting off as thrash laptop metal, it breaks into a superbly wonky hip hop ending.. Roll on the Restiform Bodies reunion..

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