Saturday, April 21, 2007

is the alter ego of Sole. Over the past few years it's been an outlet for his self-produced and self-released music. Often sonically a lot dirtier than his Anticon albums, rougher around the edges, more urgent even. The first mansbestfriend to get a record label release was 'The new human is illegal' on Morr Music. Highly recommended. Intense rapping and spot on production. This time around though, Sole is using the pseudonym to release his first instrumental record 'poly.sci.187' and it's dropping from Anticon 29th May. The preview sounds ace, reminds me of the less polished early days of the label.

Missle Defence
(from poly.sci.187)

(from The New Human is Illegal)

Dream I had on 25th Birthday

(from The New Human is Illegal)

And this is pretty exciting news, announced yesterday, so get in quick:
'If you order the poly.sci.187 CD from you will also recieve a bonus EP of unreleased material. initially, this music was to be the followup LP to live from rome, but after i formed the band with skyrider this music has no home, so i'm giving it away with the first 100 pre-orders. bonus CD includes 7 new songs, 4 with barcelona's twelve, 2 with sample 208 (as seen on current tv), and one with 88 komaflash from germany, this music spans the period from 2005-2007.'

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