Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hip Hop shows are usually straight up wack. There I said it... Too many hype men and nowhere near enough hype.
That's why Themselves stand out from most... Check this song from their Peel Session.. They turn an already manic song into something unbelievable... How the fuck can Doseone be doing that crazy fast rappity stuff? Jel goes some on MPC and backs up with vocals.

If only half the rappers put half this much effort in to a live performance...

The Live Trap (Peel Session)



Anonymous said...

Hi the link has expired but is there any way u could plz put it back up or email me the file? Plus were did u get it from? phew. Thanks

Anonymous said...

dose + jel
those guys are legit
i've been listening to these guys for years now.
simply amazing.

Anonymous said...

and the link works fine for me