Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bracken (Chris Adams of Hood) released 'We know about the need' to little fanfare or widespread acclaim last year, which is a damn shame because it was a bit of a sleeper classic. Very electronic in it's production with songs that often battered speakers with bass or threatened to fall apart. All of this accompanied by vocals that were as complimentary to the music as you could hope for.

Whether you loved the album or have yet to hear it, the good folks at Anticon have got a treat for you: Bracken's Autumn Podcast.

The blurb on the site lead me to believe that this was just a half hour slice up of the album (and perhaps some other niceness) but no.... It's half an hour of brand new original music, taking on everything from his floaty electronics, to dubstep leanings and even a fucking awesome cover of Subtle's 'The Ends' (last track from For Hero:For Fool)

Grab the podcast here


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daddy kev ft. doseone & sole please upload again THANKS!