Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ContractMachination's Sole remixes produce great big clouds of dirty smoke.
In the words of the man who made them:
'A quick summation of what I did (from memory) for the Sole Mashin: Cut the beginning, middle and end out of both Real True Confessions of a Megalomaniac (So Called Artists) and Hundred Light Years and Running (Sole+Skyrider). Cut up the parts I knew immediately I wanted to use, and set the rest aside for possible use later. Set BPMs to 108, set up a drumkit with digital distortion and another with tube distortion; made a drum beat. Found sounds I wanted to repeat, and sounds I wanted to juggle; made various patterns whilst tempering the sound's shape with effects. Listened to what I had, and fleshed out any areas my brain/ear told me needed attention. Repeat, repeat, eat, sleep, repeat. '

My two favourite versions:



You can d/l all four versions here.


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