Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Unexpected albums are the best. 
Earlier this month Buck 65 leaked his new album 'Dirtbike' and announced it was part 1 of 3.
I was expecting a quickly bashed out 20 minutes of scraps but nope, this is a full on reawakening of Bucks original style that so many people have wanted.
Put simply it's 60 odd minutes of non-stop d.i.y hip-hop with insane attention to detail and enough nooks and cranies to get properly lost in. Add guest spots from the likes of Moka Only and Doseone and you're laughing.

Noone seems to know if this is getting a physical release but with parts 2 & 3 due by Halloween it seems Buck 65 is happy to bypass the industry and give away his best new music for years.



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