Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Earth shattering release from King Cannibal.
Badman Near Dark is the filthy electric sound of a very angry and fucked up future.
Preview the song and it's remixes....

Badman Near Dark

Badman Near Dark (Stormfield's Burning Cities Mix)

Badman Near Dark (Komonazmuk Remix)

Badman Near Dark (Blackmass Plastics Remix)

The 12" drops 7th July on Combat Recordings.

For King Cannibal mixes head on over to Gods of War.


Another Alias teaser from Resurgam


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A few months back the internet was buzzing over a strictly limited 10" by San Diego duo MRR-ADM ft. Malcolm Catto.
It sold out super quick and now changes hands for silly money, so it's nice they've put the lions share of tracks up for d/l on Last.FM

Essential listening for those who like their drums dirty...

A1 Untitled

A2 Untitled

A3 Untitled

B1 Untitled

I've listed them here for the sake of Hype Machine but I suggest you grab from Last.FM.
Ridiculously fast d/l speeds. About 1 second per track.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Underwater Dub anyone?

Roots Manuva's 2002 take on The Beatles 'Yellow Submarine'

Might as well take the opportunity to mention his new album 'Slime & Reason' will be released by Big Dada on 25th August.


Zach Hill could drum his way in and out of psychosis from the sound of it.
I saw him play with Marnie Stern last year and I swear he's got secret limbs or something.
Anyway, in a joint venture with Anticon/Ipecac he's releasing his debut album 'Astrological Straits' on 12th August.

This first taste is the awesome...

Dark Art

This Video for 'Hindsight is Nowhere' is suitably twisted too..


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Burst your breadbins blud.
Diiiiirty bit of Dadstep.

The Bug ft. Warrior Queen - Poison Dart (Skream Remix)

'London Zoo' drops 25th July. Not heard it myself but the general internet chattery suggests it's pretty bloody good.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

'Sounds a bit like MGMT'
'Wouldn't think it's Alias'
OK. I've taken to posting tracks in forums and quoting responses. Far easier than writing anything myself innit.

For what it's worth this new track from forthcoming lp 'Resurgam' (due out 28th August) is pretty splendid.

Now listen...

Well Water Black (Ft. Why?)


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ContractMachination's Sole remixes produce great big clouds of dirty smoke.
In the words of the man who made them:
'A quick summation of what I did (from memory) for the Sole Mashin: Cut the beginning, middle and end out of both Real True Confessions of a Megalomaniac (So Called Artists) and Hundred Light Years and Running (Sole+Skyrider). Cut up the parts I knew immediately I wanted to use, and set the rest aside for possible use later. Set BPMs to 108, set up a drumkit with digital distortion and another with tube distortion; made a drum beat. Found sounds I wanted to repeat, and sounds I wanted to juggle; made various patterns whilst tempering the sound's shape with effects. Listened to what I had, and fleshed out any areas my brain/ear told me needed attention. Repeat, repeat, eat, sleep, repeat. '

My two favourite versions:



You can d/l all four versions here.


Friday, June 06, 2008

Regular readers of this site will realise that I've long since abandoned any journalistic aspirations. Quite simply, I've run out of ways to write about music.

With that in mind please excuse the following:
Imagine an angry factory manufacturing sounds of mass destruction.
In your ears.

Well that's Pivot

Recently signed to Warp and wronging the fuck out.

Didn't I furious

Taken from the awesome 'In the Blood' e.p with remixes from man of the moment Rustie and a cinematic take from Clark.


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I like Lone.
Fans of Bibio and Boards of Canada should listen up.
That's all I'm writing for now.

Midnight Feast


Beach Bump

His album 'Lemurian' drops 21st July on Dealmaker Records.


Heeelloo, is it Skweee you're looking for?

For those who don't know, Skweee is another dance micro genre worthy of your attention.
It sounds like it's been made by hyperactive children on Amiga 500's. Very basic bleepy niceness...

Feast on this mix...

1. Ankyara - Mesak 2. The Franzzz(pieni) - Claws Costeau 3. Finnuggla - Claws Costeau 4. Swedish Pommak - Limonious 5. Polka Grease - Spartan Lover 6. Ghetto Bomb - Uday Napoleon 7. Sabre - Spartan Lover 8. Mouth Everest - Beem 9. Giants - Drums 10. Shock the Plankton - Randy Barracuda 11. Hoi Poloi - Stickem 12. Street - Metske 13. Emperor's Pride - PJVM 14. Hurme - VC 15. Artooskweetoo - Mesak 16. The Bubble Bump - Daniel Savio 17. We Call It Skweee - VA 18. The International - Mesak 19. This Thing Is On - Stickem 20. Skweee Like A Pig - Randy Barracuda 21. Bin In Japan (909 Reggaemix) - Mesak 22. Hotel Coral Essex - Limonious 23. The High - Randy Barracuda 24. Madame Skoui - Wankers United 25. Finnerexin - Eero Johannes 26. We Could Be Skweeeros - Eero Johannes