Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Chap - The premier at last (ZILLA's We Sow Sunflower Seeds Remix)

The Chap's 'Ham' is a wonky album of many lovely moments, so this remix is very welcome. I'd give it spare keys to my house and a party popper entrance. I like it a lot.

Zilla (along with Buddy Peace) produced the frankly fucking awesome mix that accompanied warp vision. His reworking of 'The premier at last' is better than that. Blasting with a My Bloody Valentine wall of discordant sound, he brings maximum wrongness to the originally minimalist song. You might also want to check his 'Killer Killer RD' and dance like your bad uncle on bad drugs.


Anonymous said...

Nice one!
Thanks man.

professional thomas said...

I dropped this last night at softly*softly*catchy*monkey... went down a bloody treat.

: D