Thursday, September 07, 2006

How longs it been? Far too long... I survived Brooklyn with only minor scratches and only took part in two Drive-By shootings.. A huge hug to all I met.

I bought some fine records from Mondo Kim's and I'm going to be helping them make the journey from Vinyl to MP3 as soon as I've got some time back. In the meantime, here's one I made earlier...

Times New Viking - Love
Shouty girl/boy guitar song that sounds like it was recorded in a shoebox by an angry sparrow.. High praise indeed. It's so damn fucking cool, it makes me want to buy a pair of sunglasses and chain smoke cigarettes. You can be their friend and hear more songs here.

The Lovely people at Seed Records have put together a free compilation of the finest electronic music in support of Soviet, which should be the fiercest night out for quite some time.
Music this good speaks for itself and says things like 'Would you like another chewing gum?' and 'I'll get the water'. Perfectly suited to both headphone and dancefloor, catch it before it's gone.. Bleep will be hosting the goodness until the end of October.

Gudrun Gut - Move Me

Shuffle tinged tango dubby music with breathy vocals. I love it. Released on Earsugar on a lovely bit of vinyl. Turn it up and it'll shake your house down.

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