Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Swiss Trio making fine Electronic music.
Sinner DC are sounding ace to my ears. I've yet to hear more than a few songs, but these three tracks are on the right side of wrongness.

they never stay (mount age lp)
romy schneider (arkle parkle avenue lp)
always rock on the western side (dave apple remix)

They've also got a few wonky mixes up.
Peep the tracklisting..

Various Artists 2006 mix

burial : forgive (hyperdub)
pan sonic : liuos (blast first)
spectrum & silver apples : the edge (space age)
sinner dc : northbeach (ai records)
extrawelt : fernweh (kompass)
the field : over the ice (kompakt)
james figurine : apologies (plug research)
afx : pwsteal.ldpinch.d (rephlex)
remote : teaser (kill the dj)
(t)ékël : smet (initial cuts)
mathew jonson : marionette (wagon repair)
klaxons : gravity's rainbow - van she tech mix (because)
mjuc : noise moving (aiding music)
vitalic : trahison (citizen records)
kinski : schedule for using pillows & beanbags (sub pop)
arpanet : probability densities (rephlex)
cluster : zum wohl (sky records)

Check the website for 2004/2005 mixes.

: D

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