Thursday, February 01, 2007

Fog and Why? released their Hymie's Basement lp on Lex to little fanfare. It's an ace album and they both have a following, but there was no two man in a van world tour to promote it. That's a shame as I always sure the songs would sound great live .. and now I'm very happy to have this to prove it.. unearthed from the archives, these songs are from an ultra limited Live e.p, recorded when and where? I don't know, but I do know these performances are every bit as good as you could hope for...

America Won/America Too
The Act
All Them Boys
Ghost Dream/The Pump
Ben & Joey
Lightning Bolts And Man Hands/You Die
21st Century Pop Song

Also as another little treat....
21st Century Pop Song (Mount Eerie Remix)


beethoven said...

hey man, thanks a lot for uploading this. hymie's basement is where it's at.

Anonymous said...

i'm bummed you removed this before I had a chance to nab it.