Friday, July 27, 2007

Goth-Trad is a legend, or at least he should be, the Japanese master of Bass has been behind some of the most beautifully realised dubstep of recent times.
His 'Mad Raver's Dance Floor' album is just that. 50 odd non-stop minutes of full on bleepy goodness.
At times it could be the pilled up teenage son of 'Experience' era Prodigy and yet it segues effortlessly in and out of the dubstep goodness he's mastered.

Two tracks from the album...

Back to Chill

Loop Of The Trip

You can get buy his 'Back to Chill' e.p and 'Cut Ends/Flags' 12" here.
The album *still* has no UK distribution. Boo! Sort it out peoples.


The B-Line that kicks in around the 03:53 mark on 'Back to Chill' should be illegal.
Dope. As. Fuck.


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