Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A song for train journeys surrounded by Daily Mail readers, the Philip Glass reworking of Aphex Twin's 'Icct Hedral' is an eight minute escape from the noisy world around around you.
It's your free ticket to The Last Night of the (pilled up) Proms...
You could be born, fall in love and die a happy specimen in the space of this song.
As fresh as ever from the Donkey Rhubarb e.p, it is indeed a beauty.
'Pancake Lizard' on the other hand always confuses me when it pops onto the ipod.
It's Aphex turned straight up instro-hip-ho yo! Not that I'm complaining! Now turn yourselves inside out with the contrast...

Icct Hedral [Philip Glass Orchestration]

Pancake Lizard



Anonymous said...

Hello, this is my tribute to this e.p:

Anonymous said...

Pancake Lizard is definitely an Aphex Twin highlight, especially the gorgeous second half of the track.