Saturday, December 15, 2007

This year Odd Nosdam teamed up with Element to score an original soundtrack for one of their skateboarding videos. The music isn't simply a backdrop to the action, Odd Nosdam teamed up with the skaters and film editor to ensure a synergy between skate and sound.
The music itself is rich with texture, tones and drums to die for...
Here's six songs grabbed from the myspace...

One For Dallas

Top Rank

Zone Coaster

Shut This Down

Ethereal Slap

Time Out

The full soundtrack is actually 16 tracks and I don't think a commercial release is planned, so if anyone has it and can sort me out I'd be very grateful.



Anonymous said...

HEy dude my names rudy big fan of odd nosdam and element i hav the vid but the music is soo rad!!!

can u do me a favor and send me the song shut this down and ethereal slap?

my yahoo email is or myspace is

i can also send u some of them too i have root barks and fly mode

Anonymous said...

TIME out now for sale on itunes and amazon