Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ok, first off, apologies to Eskmo, I couldn't find a suitable image from your website so I posted a photo of a laughing Eskimo instead. Still, she looks very happy so I hope it's not bad.

Maybe she's listening to your new 33 minute mix of pretty nasty bass and beats and stuff...

Eskmo - "Worth & Value" Mix


1) Intro: Dj Quest & Eskmo : "Speaker's Corner" - (Forthcoming Cyberfunk)
2) Eskmo - "Important" - (dub)
3) Eskmo - "Process"- (dub)
4) Eskmo - "Amphibian" - (Full Melt)
5) Dj Quest & Eskmo (Eskmo & The Antiserum RMX) - "Speaker's Corner" (Forthcoming Cyberfunk)
6) Eskmo - "The Pacific"- (dub)
7) Eskmo - "Manner Of Experience"- (dub)
8 ) Eskmo - "The Grail Castle"- (dub)
9) Eskmo - "Spearhands"- (dub)
10) Eskmo - "Jetski" - (Bassrock)
11) Eskmo & The Antiserum - "Monstahs" - (Full Melt)
12) Afghan Headspin (Eskmo RMX) - "MSG"- (To Be Announced...)


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