Friday, February 08, 2008

Strange Famous Records
is making some very nice noises of late, originally set up by Sage Francis to release his 'Sick of...' series, it's gone on to establish itself as a label in it's own right. A while back it released Buck 65's sabbatical from Warner 'Situation' (oh how the major record company must've winced, I swear I saw more promo and underground hype for that record than any of his Warner releases) and moving forwards we can expect some proper no nonsense Hip-Hop from Prolyphic and Reanimator.

Their album 'The Ugly Truth' drops early May, to whet your appetite check this from the preceding e.p 'Artist Goes Pop' due April 1st.

Survived Another Winter (ft. Sage Francis, B.Dolan & Alias)

Props on getting Alias back on the mic again!


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