Friday, February 01, 2008

Odd Nosdam mixtapes are always something to look forward too and this one is no exception.
I've got no tracklisting cos in the words of the man himself:

'compiling a tracklist would be pretty difficult at this point... but some stuff came off records by: Shirley Ellis, The Sandpipers, Lightning Bolt, Phil Manzanera, the Melvins, early Styx over Tonio K, Martin Denny, The T-Bones, Mr. Oizo over Delia Derbyshire, GBV, Crow, Angel... theres a few rarer records I might could get props for like 24 Karat Black, Paul Humphrey, Touch, Los Strwck, Rockin Foo... of course theres the Mooser man himself, Al Morgan, recorded live at Barthel's Supper Club in Dolton, Illinois. and thats Rush sampled by the Dust Brothers from Mellow Man Ace's first joint. thanks for listening.'

( (( ( ((MIXTAPE SUPER DELUX)) ) )) )


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