Friday, January 12, 2007

AGT Rave Cru are fucking hardcore.. you know the score.. etc etc. Twisted dark Planet Mu type wrongness.. listen here

dj snapmouth (of AGT Rave Cru) has put together a mix that will have you losing your jaw if you're not carefull.

sick day mix


godspeed you black emperor - dead flag blues
mira calix - skin with me (andrea parker remix)
milanese - sadako
rustie - response
vex'd - pop pop v.i.p.
british murder boys - anti inferno
beckett & taylor - hand on the plow
a guy called gerald - downstroke
my robot friend - dial zero (modeselektor remix)
burial - versus
a guy called gerald - nasty
funk d'void & phil kieran - black worm
hrdvision - thrash 1
lfo - dj trax
alern8 - frequency
cylob - smash up the pram
aux 88 - my aux mind
anthony rother - luzifer
konrad black - medusa smile (dont look back)
second phase - mentasm (beltram mix)
surgeon - floorshow (part one)
vex'd - angels
secret frequency crew - miami eyes
the consumer - looking for the code
lfo - we are back
lfo - lfo
lfo - freak
mr oizo - latex
modeselektor - kill bill vol 4
audion - kisses
styz - mr roboto
acen - trip to tha moon
altern8 - move ur body
hug - the happy monster
cursor miner - man made man
ardisson - yes
posthuman - beautiful beast



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