Monday, January 08, 2007

Valentines day is fast approaching and this mix is the perfect accompaniment to a broken heart. Beautifully put together, the track selection speaks for itself.
Hats off to Bobby Corridor.

Melancholy Flowers 2

Alan Watts- Divine Madness
Talk Talk- I Believe In You
Helios- Paper Tiger
Dub Tractor- Faster
Buck 65- Food (inst)
Bob Dylan- Don�t Fall Apart On Me
Stendec- Raine
Marc Almond- Ends In Tears
Manyfingers- Some Shield
Fila Brazilia- Return Of The Red Hot Brethren
Veda Brown- Living A Life Without Love
Eliot Lipp- Real Tragic
Tom Robinson Band- Long Hot Summer
Van Morrison- Warm Love
Sketchie- Suffragist Down
Andre Gurov- Relevation Of Wrath
James and Boby Purify- I�m Your Puppet
Lord Finesse- Yes You May (remix inst)
Lhasa- My Name
Johnny Osbourne- Give A Little Love
Scientist- Give A Little Love Dub
Barry Adamson- Hollywood Sunset
Clem Snide- Find Love
Scritti Politti- Petrococadollar
Billy Childish- The Humility Of Love
Jacob Golden- Dirty Snow
Arab Strap- Phone Me Tonight
Alias & Ehren- Lillian
Esmerine- While She Swallows Bullets and Stones
Hans Appelqvist- Grammofonnummer
Sufjan Stevens- That Dress Looks Nice On You
Savath & Savalas- Two Blues For Marion Brown
Caural- Sipping Snake Blood Wine (Savath & Savalas Mix)
Art Of Noise- Moments In Love
Zane Trow- Thirtithri
Silicon Scally- Toneworks
Brendon Anderegg- They�re Still Here
Jeff Klein- Nobody�s Favourite Girl
Ammoncontact- Barbeque Plate (Telefon Tel Aviv�s Last Supper remix)
John Martyn- Hurt In Your Heart
Bernard Purdie- Summer Melody
George Russell- You Are My Sunshine
Fat Jon- Romantic Misery
Tindersticks- My Oblivion
Aoki Takamasa- Fly Variation
Souad Massi- There�s Worse
2 Tall- Shifting Tides
Mark Eitzel- Anything
Bill Near- Drumin


Admin said...

i love the list..and i am in specially love with van morrison-warm love..cherrio..thanks for the list..

professional thomas said...

it's a great mix. all the vocal samples fit perfectly too.

: D