Sunday, January 14, 2007

One downside of downloading obscene amounts of music is that often I'll end up with lots of unlistened mp3s.. The upside is putting the ol' ipod on shuffle, hearing something new and thinking 'wow! what the *fuck* is this?'

I got that feeling on the bus this morning with this mix.. (yep, another mix, gone mix mad, me) put together by Melonhands..

Moody butterfly bass, creaking door atmospherics, unexpected world music blends and a beautiful outing of aphex twin's 'on'

melonhands - i need dub(step)


nettle - halfstep
pinch and p dutty - war dub
pinch - qawwali VIP
tinariwen - amassakoul n tenere
i-wiz - habibi
digital mystikz - ancient memories (skream remix)
caspa - for the kids
distance - taipan
aphex twin - on
black ham - necron
toasty - angel
filastine - dreams from wounded mouth
mutamassik - high alert aala teta
amadou and mariam - toubala kono

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