Tuesday, June 26, 2007

SIDS were one of many highlights of my New York trip. Featuring members of the most excellent Deerhunter, they put on a show that had everyone smiling at their nihilistic rage. The showmanship is at no expense to the music though, so when the singer crashed to the floor bashing his head repeatedly on the cymbal I marvelled that he was keeping perfect time.

The songs sound like a wonked out and very angry Silver Apples. Sharp synth punk that electrifies your ears and pounds at your heart.

They have a 7" to buy on Rob's House Records. Find out how to order it here.
(kudos to the packaging, the best I've seen in ages and if you're scared of vinyl you get a cd bundled in too)

6Ft Tall Wind Up Doll

+/- (Swastika Heart)



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