Monday, June 04, 2007

It's only Monday, but by Christ, it's fucking on. 'Zilla' is back as King Cannibal and has dropped a mix boiling over with rage, terror, bass and beats. You know how when you stick your earphones in with intent and you become the music as the street and surroundings melt away into insignificance... well this is 37minutes of pure 'FUCK YOU' to the world. A masterclass in misanthropic motivational music, yet it'd be equally at home in a club when you're ripped to the lids on pills, gurning wide eyed words of peace and fucking yeah to all around..

In short it's a schizophrenic listening experience.
you know what to do...

King Cannibal - Intro King Cannibal

Full Tracklisting Here

The mix is representing Gods of War, a new label that's going to be bursting speakers and taking no prisoners. Check their site for word on forthcoming very limited edition (and very collectible) Vinyl releases.


The 'Zilla' remix of The Chap's 'Premier at Last' (as featured here last august) finally gets a Vinyl release. It is astounding. Buy it.



Anonymous said...

This is a really amazing mix, post more shit like this more often

Anonymous said...

Thanks for spreading the word!