Monday, June 11, 2007

Recently over at The Peoples Republic of Soleone , Odd Nosdam posted up an acapella of 'Atheist Jihad', a song he produced for Sole's 'Live from Rome' album. A lot of very talented peeps got straight to work on producing remixes. The source material is pure gold, Sole (and Bleubird) spit out lines such as 'The Dalai Lama's got a gameboy, Christina Ricci got a big forehead, Iraq ain't looking so good, but the motherfucking club is crunk'. It's definitely a big ol' heavy hitter of a song.

Let Down's remix sounds like Odd Nosdam falling through a k-hole with Kevin Shields, the world reverberating beyond control but the noise just about saves them.

It's a lot like an average weekend then.

Ambient Jihad



Anonymous said...

say what you will about sole, but he cuts his own path. copies no one. and a true anarchist. what's not to like?


professional thomas said...
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