Wednesday, June 13, 2007

wo0t! I'm off to New York tomorrow to see These Are Powers and S.I.D.S play at Silent Barn.
Should be a bit good. It got me thinking of my first visit to New York way back in early 2002.
On my last day I wandered down to Ground Zero, there were posters everywhere that exclaimed 'Osama. Ya Mama!', smoke and dust was still billowing from the wreckage and this is the song that burst in at random on my walkman...

Aphex Twin - Come on You Slags!

Intense is not the word.

Stay safe people.


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Tom said...

Hello Tom,
i came by your site after a hype machine search for caustic window, not expecting to find anything but here i am. i recently posted a couple tracks off the compilation lp on my blog.

i've linked to your site from mine, and would be grateful if you considered adding me to your esteemed blog roll. my posting is all a bit random at the moment, the vision is a bit wide, but i'm trying to refine it into something more coherent.