Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Moscow Coup Attempt are the aceness. The project of Derek Whitacre, he brings music and visuals together to create an uneasy harmony of technology and espionage.

His first album 'the failure of shortwave radio' was inspired by number stations found on the murky SW frequency. Digits are reeled off at random with no emotion, an unknown ladies voice broadcasting throwbacks to the cold war era.

The music itself is pretty dark and smokey. Imagine Cinematic Orchestra playing aboard a nuclear submarine with snipers aimed at them throughout the set.
Have a listen:

Phone Tap

The failure of shortwave radio pt.3

Since then he's recorded two further albums that are also worth investigating.
Today he unveiled a Joanna Newsom cover with Vera Ostrova singing. It's worth pointing out that I've never heard Pixie Newsom so don't know how it compares, but for what it's worth.. I like it alot.

Sprout and the Bean