Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Odd Nosdam is returning with his new Anticon lp 'Level Live Wires' on 28th August!
Holy Fuck, I'm a bit excited by the news. As one third of cLOUDDEAD he produced one of my all time favourite albums (their eponymous debut) and his 'Burner' lp was a sleeper classic of 2005.

His beats are rarely intricate but the noise that blankets them display a savants attention to texture and detail. Crackles, fuzz, pops and hiss envelop tracks with devestatingly effective results.

The press release describes his new lp as 'the distinct product of inspiration, bizarre happenstance and wonder lived out in a series of bright moments eventually brought together under the roof of an unruffled West Berkeley cottage' and it's true that the two preview songs have the same fuzzy aesthetic appeal as 'Burner' but the mood seems lighter.

I've rambled enough, have a listen....

Fat Hooks

The second preview song 'The Kill Tone Two' (featuring a cameo from Yoni Wolf of Why?) is available to listen to here

Now two treats from Burner...

11th avenue Freakout pt.2(featuring Mike Patton)

Untitled Three(featuring Jessica Bailiff)


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