Saturday, May 05, 2007

I first saw Why? play live on his Oaklandazulaylum tour. Unfortunately that night I'd necked so much ecstasy and washed it down with so much cider that I suffered the most supreme of blackouts.
One minute it was the opening song, the next, the closing whoops of applause.
For a long time the only hint of what I'd missed was the tour cd I bought from the merch table.
'Almost live from Anna's Cabin' was a very limited release of the warm up sessions that preceded the tour. A huge evolutionary step of Why? (the man) becoming Why? (the band)

These tracks are listed in order to whore myself out to the hype machine etc

Broken Crow

Cold Lunch

Ape in cage with wire cutters

However I suggest you dive straight in and download the full album here

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Anonymous said...

has always been one of my favorite why? albums, truly exquisite.