Monday, May 14, 2007

I'll be honest.
Everyone is going mad mental over simian mobile disco.
You are!
I see you dancing in the corner of your room wearing a hat you found in a sixth form art school, face placed somewhere south of the nineteen '70's. Yep. Be very glad your haircut is 100th on the leaderboard of well etc...

So in the warm light light of yesterday, Simians 'watch it glow' was an e.p of warped beauty.
They made music that twisted noises out of nowhere. Psychedelic revolution of stained glass window sound.

These words are nothing.. so enjoy the linkage...

Drop and Roll

In Siam



Anonymous said...

I used to go to the simian mobile disco when they ran them back in nyc a couple years back.

Their stuff is great. For more from the lead singer, check out his solo project called Garden. MT

professional thomas said...

Just checked out Garden. Great stuff indeed. Thanks for the tip!

Are you from New York?
There's a group called 'These are Powers' playing Silent Barn on 16th June.

Should be very messy.


Anonymous said...

ahh i remember when i saw simian support turin brakes...they were so good live, shame we'll never see the band again.