Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I've seen some of the best gigs at London's Union Chapel. The setting is perfect, though supping Strongbow whilst sitting on Pews feels a bit strange.

One of finest performances I saw there was from The Polyphonic Spree, shortly before/after (not sure which) 'The beginning stages of...' was released. It was with their full line up and I remember being shocked when some guy I'd shared a cheeky spliff with in the courtyard turned up on stage. The setting certainly helped it to be one of the most rapturous gigs I've ever attended. The whole crowd was stood up and dancing throughout, the biggest smiles you could imagine showered the room.

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All from The Union Chapel show...

What We Will Be

Hanging Around

Soldier Girl

Also a David Bowie cover from a BBC session

Five Years



Bobby. said...

Yo Yo Yo! Any chance of re-upping What We Will Be? Thankssss!

professional thomas said...

will do!

check back soon(ish)

: D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these Tom! It's very nice to hear the BBc recording in particular.