Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Type Holy Fuck into google images... ok, you can expect some pr0n, that's a given, but Nintendo would be shocked at someones reworking of Mario. Anyway enough of that. Another band I'm I'm excited about... Holy Fuck hail from Toronto and make Kraut-Casio rock that sounds like Neu! at times and not at all at others.

Two songs from their recently released e.p (and yes, the second title is all too perfect)

The Pulse

They're going to take my thumbs

A song from their 2005 album..

Casio Bossa Nova

and to round it off some live tracks...

Safari (Live from The Verge- XM Radio)

Choppers (Live from The Verge- XM Radio)

Junglor (Live at Tulipe)

Chicago Radio Rap Band (Live from NWUR Radio)


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