Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ivor Cutler makes me smile, even when there's a bird in my room, hiding behind a wardrobe and I'm trying to get it to fly away by throwing bits of blu-tac at it.

Here's a Health for Simon

Gravity begins at Home



Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the mp3s. I downloaded them with only marginal difficulty. I hope you had better success with the bird. Should you ever suffer a similar occurrence, I advise throwing raisins (in a leisurely fashion) at the bird , then introduce a moderate-sized rodent (a rat, ideally, but a gerbil will do, if available) to the locality occupied by said avian. The rodent will have a good feed and, hopefully, surprise the bird into flight.

professional thomas said...

Thank You!

I now own three ferrets to fend off any future Hitchcock horrors in my house.

: D