Saturday, May 05, 2007

You gotta love Bjőrk, she's as mad as a swan, as such she should be protected by the Queen,
just imagine the mess if Asylum seekers attempted to eat her. : /

I'm still yet to hear Volta (out this monday) which is shocking considering it leaked it's way though many an internet pipe last month. In any case this post isn't about that album. No. It's to draw your attention to a fantastic 7minutemix (though it's closer to 8) of her music by Strepsil.
Details to follow..

Strepsil - Bjork 7minutemix


army of me (beastie boys remix)
army of me
cover me (dillinja remix)
I miss you (photek remix)
so broken (krust remix)
all is full of love (passionate love mix)
hidden place (acapella)
possibly maybe
all is full of love (strings)
all is full of love

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